How To Achieve Healthy Trees and Shrubs Without Chemicals

When your trees and shrubs are under attack from pests or disease, you want to help them! For many of us, the thought of using harsh pesticides makes our stomach churn. Thankfully, there’s an environmentally-friendly solution: integrated pest management. Keep your trees and shrubs healthy – without harming the environment!

How To Identify, Treat, And Prevent Common Lawn Diseases This Spring

Have you noticed bare or brown patches, thinned out grass, or a strange growth in your grass? Your lawn may have a disease. Learn how to identify and treat common lawn diseases with a fungicide treatment from Griffin Organics.

How To Protect Your Family From Ticks This Spring

For generations, the American backyard has been a symbol of safety and tranquility. Unfortunately, a rise in tick populations in recent years could threaten the safety and health of your family. Learn how to identify common tick species and protect your family when spring arrives.

How Mulch Can Give Your Garden A Boost

Mulch is an excellent resource that not only improves the health of your garden but also enhances the look of your yard. Learn how to calculate how much you’ll need and which type is ideal for your situation.

What is Winter Kill, and how Does It Affect Your Lawn?

Winters in New York can be harsh on our lawn, causing what is known as winter kill, or damage that occurs to a plant due to winter damage. This article talks about the most common types and what you can do to treat and prevent them.

Seeding vs Sod: The 411 on Restoring Your Lawn

There are two methods to fix a problem lawn: seeding or sod installation. Both have their pros and cons. Read our guide to determine which process is right for you.

Organic Deep-Root Fertilization: Why It Matters

Even with winter right around the corner, your trees & shrubs still need some serious attention. NY is full of greenery & we can help keep it healthy year-round.

The Importance of Organic Lawn Care for Healthier Turf Today

Organic Lawn Care can provide incredible results for your lawn care in the long-term. Reach out to Griffin Organics today!

Soil Testing: What Is It and When Is It Best For You?

When fall comes around, it is usually the best time of year to test your soil. While it can be done year-round and is recommended, many people see fall as one of the prime times to get it done. With Griffin Organics, we have a year-round soil testing program that will encourage soil health.

How to Handle Your Summer Lawn Heat Stressors

Griffin Organics will go through a myriad of ways to identify and combat common issues when it comes to heat stressors for your lawn.