Rye City

Griffin Organics in Rye City, New York

Griffin Organics in Rye City, New York

Building a life for you and your family in Rye City is easier than you might think when you’re in Rye City with Griffin Organics. Our team members know that Rye City is filled with plenty of young business people who are up and coming, and may not have time to learn and implement work on their own lawns and landscaping. Who has the time? Griffin Organics does!

Your Rye City Image

Finding and creating a new home and life to fulfill your Rye City adventure can sound tough, but it doesn’t have to be. While you are here, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Griffin Organics wants you as a client because we know we can deliver on the lawn care that you need.

Lawn Disease

Are you not quite sure how to tackle lawn disease? Is the thought of taking time to prune your trees and shrubs just a little overwhelming? Do you keep meaning to get to those weeds but don’t seem to have the time at all? That’s where we come in. There’s no reason you have to let your lawn keep you from putting out the vibe you really want.

Struggling With Ticks and Mosquitoes?

Our clients in Rye City often express this issue, and that’s why we have developed and perfected a program that is right for you and your home. We know Rye City is committed to sustainability, and we are too. On top of our already organic mosquito program, applied monthly, we have both a standard and an newly-developed organic tick control program that will keep you safe while also keeping the environment safe.

It’s Our Community, Too

Griffin Organics knows the fun ways of Rye City, New york, just as well as the locals and newcomers do. We understand the draw of young business men and women living in this area, and we love that we are part of the people who care for it. From keeping up curb appeal to caring for the environment while we do it, it’s our goal to keep Rye City looking fresh and attractive.

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