Soil Testing: What Is It and When Is It Best For You?

When fall comes around, it is usually the best time of year to test your soil. While it can be done year-round, it is recommended that you have this service done in the fall. At Griffin Organics, we have a year-round soil testing program that encourages and boosts soil health.

So What is Soil Testing Exactly?soil testing by hand

Well, simply put, it is the act of testing soil to measure the nutrients it is abundant and deficient in and correcting the issues with fertilizer. So instead of blindly purchasing some generic fertilizer, you can more carefully make your choice, which will allow you to have a healthier, fuller lawn overall.

The way that Griffin Organics approaches soil testing is extensive and comprehensive. Today, we’ll take you through that process so our clients can get a better understanding of their soil testing options and needs.

Griffin’s Year-Round Soil Testing Program Generally Goes As Follows:

We generally start in April, beginning with fertilizer to promote activity in the soil, stimulating it to prevent weeds and fill it with nutrients.

  • Our May application includes composted tea to allow the soil to absorb nitrogen and prevent diseases.
  • In the summer months, we tend to repeat this process to ensure minimal weeds and infuse nutrients into the soil.fertilizer on lawn
  • August is prime for aeration and overseeding to create space for air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone and decrease thatch.
  • In the fall, which would be the ideal time to begin this process, organic fertilizer and compost tea will be laid down and will encourage growth and strength within the soil.
  • pH adjustments are another phenomenal fall service. Assessing soil to ensure it is between 6.1 and 6.9 pH levels, which is just slightly acidic. Whether your soil is above or below, Griffin Organics has a solution for both.

When your soil is tested and prepared for the fall and winter weather, your lawn will be protected and safe throughout the entire cool-season. By testing in the fall, you also allow yourself time to assess and adjust your upcoming warm-season lawn and soil care plans.

Ready to Test Your Soil? Griffin Organics has the pH Adjustments You Need!

Griffin Organics is equipped with the best equipment, and the most experienced service professionals that can ensure your soil is pH balanced and adjusted for when your soil needs a boost.

Although fall is the best time to get soil testing done for your turf, we offer year-round services that allow you to take action any time that is convenient for you. We recommend soil testing as a fall service so that when the warm season comes around, your turf is healthy and lush!

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