Does Your Lawn or Landscaping Need a Boost? Griffin Organics’ Has Got You Covered

Does Your Lawn or Landscaping Need a Boost? Griffin Organics’ Has Got You Covered

Our organic methods go further than you’d think. We offer our clients a number of options that can encourage a healthier, more robust lawn and landscape when done regularly and properly.


With soil, bed weeds in your beautiful garden pose a bigger issue when it comes to weeds. By choosing to mulch your garden, with the mulch being implemented at least three inches deep, it suffocates bed weeds and takes away any light they may be using to grow and spread.

Planting and Bed Maintenance

Planting and Bed Maintenance

If you’re looking for a more appealing garden and landscape, our team can deliver on that. We are able to weed, plant, clean up, maintain, and even redo your garden to boost your curb appeal and ensure your home looks the best it can.

Organic Weed Prevention

Our organic weed prevention keeps the environment safe while ensuring your lawn and garden are free of those pesky, unsightly weeds. While we do treat weeds, prevention is best, so ensuring this is applied early and throughout the season to ensure your lawn looks its best.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

For ornamental trees and shrubs, pruning can be a lifesaver. Pruning regularly allows you to keep your landscape looking fresh and attractive, and prevents the need to chop down a tree or cut a large amount of branches down all at once if it overgrows.


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