Our Services


Lawn Care & Fertilization

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence with Griffin Organics lawn fertilization techniques. We know what lawns in our area need to look and grow their best, and we can help you achieve your dream lawn!


Tree & Shrub Care

To protect your trees and shrubs, Griffin Organics has designed a comprehensive tree and shrub management program utilizing the most environmentally-friendly insect and disease control available.


Mosquito & Tick Control

Sick of mosquitoes and ticks? Our team has you covered with our organic and standard pest control treatments that will ensure you can have solid pest control without fearing that it will be harmful to your family.


Turf Installation

Bare areas, compacted, or poor soil? Griffin Organics has it covered! We offer sod installation, organic topsoil, core aeration with overseeding, and hydroseeding.



Whether your need is mulch, planting, maintenance, or weed prevention, Griffin Organics has you covered. Our organic approach to landscape maintenance keeps all of our customers satisfied.