How to Handle Your Summer Lawn Heat Stressors

During the summertime, our lawn gets a lot of action. Between foot traffic, rain, humidity, dry heat, and nutrition, the way our lawn deals with so many outside effects can be difficult for it to handle. To combat this, there are a number of ways you can arm yourself with knowledge of how to spot a heat-stressed lawn and how to prevent it.

Griffin Organics will go through a myriad of ways to identify and combat common issues when it comes to heat stressors for your lawn. 

First, we will start by going through the stress factors that cause disease during the hot weather. 

General Wear and Tear

When you own a property, you’re more than likely going to use the lawn pretty frequently. It’s part of the perks of buying a home. However, that leaves some serious wear and tear pattern that will develop on your lawn. This can easily be avoided by just simply trying to do fewer activities on your lawn and more on your patio or concrete that you have around. red lawn mower cutting grass

Insufficient Lawn Tools

Caring for your lawn is essential, and everyone can agree that it usually includes mowing, whether you do it yourself or hire out. But for most who find that their lawn suffers from heat stress, it means they are mowing too low, or their mower is old, and the blade is dull. Ensuring that you keep up with the maintenance of your lawn can do wonders for it in the long run.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Everyone knows that having a yard means you’ll need to fertilize your lawn at some point or another. But when it’s happening at the wrong time, or you’re not doing what’s best for your turf, it can cause a lot of stress and nutrient deficiencies.

Now, we’ll go into which diseases can be caused by an overly stressed lawn.

Dollar Spot

This fungus is pretty common amongst lawns. It presents as small, yellowish-brown colored spots about the size of the old, well-known silver dollar. They will likely be three to six inches in diameter. Dollar spot will most likely result from the issue of insufficient lawn tools when caring for your turf. It doesn’t discriminate between lawn types, and it can affect zoysiagrass, bermudagrass, bentgrass, and many more.brown patches of grass

Brown Patch

This lawn disease presents just as it sounds, as spread out brown patches all over your turf. These patches can be up to nine inches in diameter and repeatedly show up next to each other. This means it will end up covering your entire lawn pretty quickly.

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