Mosquito & Tick Control

Sick of Mosquitoes and Ticks? Call Griffin Organics For a Natural Solution!

Sick of Mosquitoes and Ticks? Call Griffin Organics For a Natural Solution!

Ticks and mosquitoes can take a calming outdoor space and turn it into something hectic and irritating. Our team knows how important it is for you and your family to be able to enjoy a tick- and mosquito-free space.

Organic Mosquito Control

Whether your pest problem is large or small, organic mosquito control is always an option with Griffin Organics. We recognize that mosquitoes can carry scary diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, and many more. The worst part about these illnesses is that while there are treatments, for most, there is no vaccine to prevent them.

So how can you keep your family safe from mosquitoes? By starting at the root of the problem. With mosquito prevention, you and your loved ones (including pets) are far less likely to ever be affected by the illnesses carried by mosquitoes.

Our organic mosquito control is applied monthly for best results.

Tick Control

Tick Control

Ticks are more of a problem then one might think. There are nests of them hiding everywhere, waiting to prey on your children or pets – and unfortunately, adults aren’t safe either.

Lyme Disease is a common occurrence after a tick bite, especially from Deer Ticks. Some symptoms can include headaches, fevers, fatigue, and more. If your property is located near a heavily wooded area, or if you have a lot of trees and shrubs in your landscape, your yard is more likely to become infested with Deer Ticks.

Standard or Organic Tick Control Options

We offer conventional as well as organic spray treatments that focus on your lawn, shrubbery, and home or building perimeter.



Griffin Organics has recently developed an organic tick control treatment to allow our clients to choose a safer way to protect their families, without harming the environment. Our organic tick control choice will eliminate not only ticks, but also reduce other common insects such as gnats, without harming bees, butterflies, or earthworms. Having this treatment done before an outdoor event or gathering will leave your property pest-free, so you can enjoy your time spent outside with family and friends even more.

Our Thorough Promise

When our team comes to apply treatment for your outdoor space, we don’t just spray your lawn. We target the tree lines, planting beds, and surrounding areas to ensure there are no ticks nests or mosquitoes lurking around in hopes of biting the closest target.


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