Mount Kisco

Lawn Care Services in Mount Kisco

Mount Kisco is a place to spend the best years of your life; whether it’s on vacation, in retirement, or settling in your forever home. Griffin Organics is committed to surrounding the golden memories you make here with vibrant beauty by offering the most incredible, organic lawn care services you’ll find in Mount Kisco.

Our lawn care services in Mount Kisco include:

    • Lawn fertilization
    • Lawn aeration and overseeding
    • Weed control
    • Tree and shrub care
    • Mosquito control
    • Flea and tick control
    • Grub Control
    • Cinch Bug Control
    • Lawn enhancement services

As a local company, we’re familiar with Mount Kisco and why people love it here. We understand you want to spend time enjoying your outdoors, not being burdened by an endless lawn care to-do list. Griffin Organics relieves you of those heavy demands and delivers celebrated results through our professional and eco-friendly services.

Lawn Fertilization in Mount Kisco

Browsing the lawn fertilization aisle at your local garden store is as daunting as finding a book in a library with no organization. Our professionals are licensed by the state of New York and skilled at determining which fertilizer will best benefit your lawn. We offer your choice of lawn fertilization methods, from organic based to fully organic, and work with you until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Our Lawn Care Fertilization Programs:

Eco-turf – Organic based

  • Pre- and post-emergent weed control to halt weed invasions throughout the year.
  • Four lawn fertilization treatments in spring, summer, and fall, strategically timed for maximum effect.
  • Early summer insecticide application to prevent grubs, chinch bugs, and other grass-feeding insects from damaging your lawn.

Fully Organic

  • Soil testing via a full lawn analysis.
  • pH adjustment if necessary.
  • Applications that shift between organic fertilizers, corn gluten, and compost tea (April – October)
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding service (August).

All our fertilizers are blended with the maximum amount of natural nutrients possible. Regardless of which lawn care program you choose, you can rest assured your beautiful lawn doesn’t come at the cost of harming the environment. 

Lawn Aeration in Mount Kisco

When your soil is compacted to the point it’s nearly impossible to dig, water and nutrients aren’t penetrating it either. Lawn aeration reduces soil compaction and thatch build-up that occurs from continuous lawn traffic—from scampering feet to playful paws to rolling wheels and so on.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

  • Fosters long-term health of your lawn, strengthening natural weed control and disease defense capabilities.
  • Reverses damage from high-traffic.
  • Opens airways for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach your grassroots.
  • Prepares soil to accept new grass seed and promotes deeper root growth.
  • Replenishes dull and bald spots on your lawn.

Our lawn aeration service uses a core aerator to uniformly remove plugs of soil from your turf and loosen the barricade blocking your grass from receiving essential nutrients. New grass seed is then distributed throughout your yard, with special attention to dead and patchy areas. When seeds fall into the holes, they blend with your current grassroots and hasten the recovery process.

Get a 10% prepay discount when you sign up for our core aeration and overseeding service!

Mosquito and Tick Control in Mount Kisco

Our commitment to providing environmentally safe solutions includes our approach to pest control. Our organic mosquito control and newly developed flea and tick control programs eradicate these disease-spreading insects from your property without risking the health of your loved ones who come in contact with treated areas. 

Because Integrated Pest Management (IPM) sets the standard for our pest control methods, you can be certain we highly prioritize delivering effective treatments with:

  • The least amount of pesticides and herbicides possible.
  • Natural, environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Precise focus on prevention by understanding your environment.
  • Customized organic lawn care treatments that work for your lawn.

When you’re ready to massively reduce your end-of-summer bite tally and virus risk, call us for a free quote on our mosquito control and flea and tick control services!

Organic Lawn Care in Mount Kisco

Griffin Organics is proud to be behind some of organic lawn care’s most effective innovations. We’ve learned the benefits natural treatments have on turf’s overall health and are passionate about showcasing them in the work we do by constructing our treatments with:

  • Natural nutrient products.
  • Active biotic soil enhancement.
  • Selective and responsibly applied pesticides.

You never have to question which of our services is eco-friendly. All our services are specialized and tailored to provide organic solutions.

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