Mount Kisco

Griffin Organics in Mount Kisco

Griffin Organics in Mount Kisco

Having the option to transform your home with anything from weeding to a full sod installation, from mulching to tree pruning, there’s a way that your home can look better and brighter. Griffin Organics knows that Mount Kisco is small, but mighty. And because of that, we are happy to serve the area, just as we serve Whiteplanes.

Life in Mount Kisco

Can you imagine your beautiful, attractive estate in this area? Is it possible for you to keep up with everything yourself? If you have chosen to retire here or come here for your vacation home, you won’t want to have to deal with the technical things. That doesn’t mean your lawn won’t be treated for weeds and your trees won’t be pruned, it just means that Griffin Organics is here to help you in your lawn care needs, organically and purposefully.

Locals in Mount Kisco

With over 10,000+ residents in Mount Kisco, the local life is urban and lively. There’s never a time to be bored in this area. Whether you’re starting your family here, just coming to visit, or anything in between, Mount Kisco is an incredible place in Westchester and a desirable neighborhood in New York.

Mount Kisco has some of the best, most accredited schools around, so it’s perfect for starting a family or moving with your new spouse. Visiting Teatown Lake Reservation, Leonard Park, Marsh Sanctuary, and Muscoot Farm and Gardens are just a few of the local activities that you might recognize in this service area of ours.

It’s Our Community, Too

Griffin Organics knows the history, estates, and land of Mount Kisco just as well as the locals do and seasonal visitors do. We understand why people choose to retire and love living in this area, and we love taking the time to care for it. From keeping up with lawn maintenance, enhancing what beauty you already have, to creating wonderful curb appeal, to caring for the environment while we do it, it’s our goal to keep your homes in Mount Kisco beautiful and clean.

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