The Importance of Organic Lawn Care for Healthier Turf Today

Making sure your lawn is taken care of is about ensuring that everything it touches is made of the best and most nutrient-rich ingredients. Everyone strives for that enticing look, that deep dark green that you may admire from a neighbor’s lawn. But for your lawn looking green and inviting, it needs to have good roots. 

A lawn that has good roots is more than just having no weeds or being a light green color. To accomplish that really dark, lush color, it starts with healthy soil that is full of nutrients. A sturdy soil will set the base for your lawn care the entire season. 

When you cannot use pesticides to treat a lawn, it becomes difficult to know how to treat your soil the way it needs to be treated. Our residents in the central New York area run into this issue a lot, and that’s why we are around to help show why organic lawn care can have superior results for your lawn and the environment. 

Having the proper knowledge and tools to create that organic oasis you’ve always wanted can be hard to find. But we are here to help educate our residents on actions that can be taken to provide organic, legal lawn care and still achieve the look you want.fertilizer on lawn

Carbon-Enriched Fertilizer and Why It’s Important

The reason we use a fertilizer that contains a significant amount of carbon is because it is the number one chemical that helps promote soil health. This is something that needs to be directly focused on when being hyper-aware of the environment and the soil. While focusing on crabgrass, other weeds may take a backseat during this approach, however, it is an effective one nonetheless. 

Fertilizer that contains organic carbon can set the precedent for not only the health of your lawn but the health of all your existing or future plant life as well. Organic carbon fertilizers can also help be a preventative measure for water pollution in your lawn which, in turn, keeps insects away from your grass.

Another large benefit of using carbon-based fertilizer for your lawn care methods is that it heightens aeration and allows for the nutrients to be protected from pests that do end up in your lawn, attempting to steal its nutrients away. 

Keeping Your Lawn’s Ecosystem Intact

Arguably, the number one benefit of organic lawn care and carbon-rich fertilizers is that even if you haven’t been doing it for long, it can essentially restore the entire ecosystem of your lawn’s soil, allowing for it to start fresh and flourish again. 

Choosing Griffin Organics for Your Natural Lawn Care Needs

Once you make the decision to create a healthy ecosystem for your lawn, choosing Griffin Organics could be your best chance for a deep, dark, green, soil healthy lawn.

We Offer Lawn Care Services in Southeast New York

Whether your lawn needs patching up or a complete redo, the experts at Griffin Organics are here to help. We service these cities and more!

We are available for you and your organic needs Monday through Friday. Griffin Organics can be reached on our contact page, by phone at 914-788-9622, or even on social media. You can find us here on Facebook for more information! 

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