6 Reasons Organic Lawn Care Is The Better Option

Organic lawn care is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. If you’re considering becoming more eco-friendly, this is a great way to get the ball rolling, and Griffin Organics can help!

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional lawn care, which relies on the heavy use of chemicals to keep weeds, pests, and diseases at bay, organic lawn care uses natural remedies to help your yard thrive. Chemicals can harm the local wildlife population, your children, your pets, and yourself. It can even affect the water when it seeps down into the soil and reaches the water table. When you opt for things like organic weed control, you won’t have to worry.

2. Stronger Turfgrass Roots

Organic material like compost is naturally rich in the three key elements your grass and plants need to succeed: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogen gives grass that rich green color we crave. Phosphorous helps grassroots get stronger. And potassium helps keep grass tough against things like drought, heat, and other stressors.

3. Organic Lawn Fertilizer = Better Soil Healthfertilizer-on-lawn

Our approach uses an organic fertilizer that is carbon-rich because it’s the best mineral for getting your soil in peak health. Carbon-rich organic fertilizers can also serve as a guard against any waterborne pollutants that come into your soil. Plus, carbon-based fertilizer can help your lawn stay aerated, meaning that the soil is loose enough for air, water, sunlight, and minerals to penetrate the root system. The soil texture you want should be crumbly and porous, not hard and compacted. Since organic fertilizers are made from organic products, they are biodegradable and a better option for the environment. If you go with organic lawn care, you may not have to balance the pH level as often. Natural lawn care helps your lawn stabilize soil pH levels and increase microbial activity.

4. No Long-term Health Effects

Traditional lawn care and pest control options may require humans and pets to stay off the grass for a certain period of time before it’s “safe.” Even so, using chemicals can create long-term health problems. For example, despite our best efforts, dogs may eat grass and weeds if they have stomach problems. This can expose them to the chemicals and create severe health problems. In addition, children with sensitive skin may still experience problems if they play on a lawn that has been treated with harsh chemicals. Organic lawn care offers you a middle-of-the-road approach: you can have a gorgeous yard without exposing your loved ones to any negative repercussions.

5. It’s A Holistic Approach

If you go to the doctor for chronic headaches, a bad doctor will prescribe pain pills and send you on your way. A good doctor will give you medicine to manage the pain and help you figure out the root cause of the headaches. By treating the cause, you can eventually lessen or cut your pill usage. Organic lawn care takes this same approach. As your lawn’s overall health improves, you’ll have fewer problems with weeds, pests, and diseases overall. Part of lawn care involves a practice called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In basic terms, it means fighting fire with fire. If you’ve got a pest problem, rather than dousing your lawn in chemicals, you can use nature to take care of nature. For instance, you can order live ladybugs to release into your flower beds to take care of your aphid problem. By mulching the lawn clippings, you can help prevent broadleaf weeds by starving them of sunlight. You can incorporate various flowers and plants into your garden beds that produce odors many pests find repulsive. You’d be surprised by how many ways you can achieve a vibrant, healthy yard without using synthetic harsh chemicals. 

6. Organic Lawn Care Conserves Water

Lawn maintenance practices that use organic products don’t need as much water as those with synthetic chemicals. That’s because grass needs extra moisture to break down all the chemicals, which are harder for them to process. Chemicals can also wash out fairly quickly from the soil. A common way this happens is with fast-release nitrogen fertilizer. Homeowners choose this in the hopes they can re-green their lawn quickly, but if they get a substantial amount of rain shortly after applying, all that fertilizer is going down the drain – literally! You may end up having to reapply, which may incur additional costs. On the other hand, organic products are easier on your lawn’s stomach, if you will. And so you won’t have to worry about them diluting as fast as you would with traditional options. You should still water about 1.5 – 2 inches per week and account for any rainfall.

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Start your lawn on the path to better health – organically! For nearly 30 years, the team at Griffin Organics has provided thousands of homes in New York state with organic-based lawn care and tree care options. We’re committed to providing you with the lawn of your dreams and keeping the local environment safe.

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