Why Organic?

Grass Roots in LawnOrganic fertilizers consist of naturally occurring materials that contain the same nutrients we put into our chemical fertilizers, only in a natural form. When we put down organic materials, nature readily recognizes them and starts to decompose them, just as it does leaves in a forest. This encourages a wealth of life in the soil. As the soil life decomposes the natural materials, it releases the nutrients in the materials to the plants. In the end we get the same visual results as with a chemical fertilizer, but we also get the multitude of benefits that come with building a healthy soil.

In fact, when we use products derived from nature, we often find that we get additional benefits that we never anticipated. These benefits include reduced disease activity, enhanced and prolonged blooming of plants, and better-tasting fruits and vegetables to name just a few. Experts have recently discovered that plants utilize a wealth of natural bacteria and fungi that can only be found in healthy soil. It is believed that the extra benefits we are seeing stem from the reintroduction of these bacteria and fungi into the soil ecosystem. These are substances that no amount of synthetic fertilizer can replace. The only way to produce them is to build a healthy soil.

Organic fertilizers enhance the life in the soil, which in turn produces plants that are healthier and more productive.