Seeding & Renovation

Preparing to Slice Seed Almost every lawn can use a little fixing up or repairing from time to time, and fall is usually the best time to do it. Griffin Organics offers a variety of renovation services for your lawn, including:

  • Core aeration for thatch control
  • Spot seeding to fill bare patches
  • Slice seeding to thicken the lawn
  • Complete renovation to rebuild your lawn from the ground up

There are a lot of reasons why your lawn might need one or more of these renovation services. Some might be due to lack of water through the summer, unseen attacks from insects or disease, heavy foot traffic, or poor drainage. All of these problems can create the need for some repair work.

If your lawn has seen better days, we’ll be happy to provide an evaluation and consultation to determine the best seeding/renovation options for your turf.