Grass with DewAll lawns love compost! Established lawns, new lawns, damaged lawns…they all respond well after one of our applications of compost. Increasing organic matter within the soil is the main benefit, but compost also provides nutrients, adds beneficial microbes and reduces thatch. Compost improves soil structure as well, which helps your lawn use water more efficiently so that your turf can stand up to drought and you won’t need to irrigate as often. This service can be performed at any time during the season, but if performed with our core aeration, the compost can be worked into the soil more rapidly.

Compost Top-Dressing

Griffin Organics offers compost top-dressing, which involves adding a ¼” coating of compost on top of the existing grass. This form of compost is ideal for new or damaged lawns, helping new lawns get established and restoring those problem areas.

Compost Pellets

Griffin Organics also offers compost in pellet form. This is a cost-effective way to add all of the benefits compost has to offer to any lawn. Since this application is applied just like our fertilizer, it serves as an affordable option that can be added to any of our lawn care programs.